The next big step for any seasoned trainer who has delivered several workshops, developed content and created modules that have taken wings and become successful programs is to start training trainers. Master Training has certain key competencies that are beyond just domain knowledge or training skills.

While a lot of this can only be developed through hands on training experience and sometimes through years of organizational and personal development experience, Bodhih has cracked the code in terms of what it takes for a training professional to move from just a trainer to master trainer. There are well defined styles, behaviours and mindsets coupled with some secrets and thinking patterns that will help any trainer achieve this through a life changing 5 day episode.

  • Master Trainer Certification


Experienced Coaches

Subject Matter Experts who also play a Trainer role

Trainers certified by Bodhih through the Train The Trainer Certification

Senior HR Professionals with training expertise

Trainers and Coaches certified by some of the leading bodies in the world

Anybody who wants to make a transition from Trainer to Master Trainer

Senior Facilitators and Change Agents in organizations

Training Managers with a training background

Experienced Trainers

Experienced Technical Trainers

Heads of organizations or functions with training experience

Anybody who wants to reach a level of Mastery in the training field

Workshop Outline

Introduction and Workshop Opening

  • Introduction of Company and Facilitator
  • Participant Introduction
  • Workshop Expectations

Uniqueness of The Master Trainer

  • Master Trainer Vs. Train The Trainer Certification
  • Using past experience and competencies to develop
  • What Master Trainers Do
  • Master of What?
  • Creating Your own Train The Trainer

Master Training – Developing Domain Specific Train The Trainer Workshops

  • Training Need Analysis
  • Training Design and Customization
  • Content Development
  • Training Delivery
  • Monitoring Training Effectiveness
  • Translation into Train The Trainer
  • Observation and Feedback

Master Trainer Instructional Design and Development

  • Models of Instructional Design
  • Applications of Different Models
  • Nuances of the Different Content Elements for a TTT
  • Best Practices for Effective Content Development
  • Self Learning Modules
  • Reading, Explaining And Demonstrating Portions of Content

Training Lessons From Steve Jobs

  • Impact
  • Meaning
  • Visual
  • Flow
  • Fun


  • The Power of Observation
  • Capturing Ideas
  • Nomenclature and Applications
  • Supporting Examples
  • Expanding Ideas
  • Translation to Training
  • Propagation

Recasting Topics

  • Inventing a New Wheel
  • Trivialize and Add Value
  • Changed Terminology
  • Reworked Explanation
  • New Applications

From Mind to Muscle

  • Building Competence
  • Components of Competency
  • From Ideas to Action
  • From Book to Behaviour
  • Knowing What to Do
  • New Behaviour Generation


  • Physical and Mental Engagement
  • Originality in Activities
  • Activity Applications
  • Simulation Vs. Reality
  • Activity Redesign
  • Visual Walkthroughs

Training and Dramatics

  • Eliciting States
  • Voice Projection
  • Voice Projection
  • Improvisation


  • Ground rules of Facilitation
  • Content Free Approaches
  • Facilitation Applications
  • Special Techniques
  • Method Creation

Master Trainer Hallmarks

  • Credibility and WIIFM
  • Walk The Talk
  • Congruence
  • Planned Communication
  • Niceness
  • Multiple Uses of Stories and Anecdotes
  • Parallel Interests

Master Trainer Certification Assessment

  • Hands on Assessment
  • Q & A Session
  • Group Feedback


  • Recapitulation
  • Way Forward
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Master Trainer Certification

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None of the information provided on our website or shared by any of the Bodhih team members must be misconstrued as a promise for a job offer by Bodhih. Our trainer certification is not a placement opportunity, it is a certification program. Attending any level of the trainer certification, the Training Foundations Course, the Train The Trainer Certification or the Master Trainer Certification is not an assurance from Bodhih to get the participant any kind of permanent or temporary employment opportunity. However, Bodhih has worked with over 1000 clients and in our experience, our trainer certification is valid and recognized across industries and countries. Most of our certified trainers have been able to successfully launch themselves into a career in training and development without our help especially since our focus is on competency development and not on merely giving a certificate.