Certification And Program Accreditation

One of the questions that a participant of any Train The Trainer Certification Workshop must surely ask is about the validity of the certification itself and related accreditation. For the benefit of anyone wanting to get a training related certification, these are certain important elements to keep in mind. Essentially, it is critical to understand Accreditation and certification and what they mean in a Train The Trainer context.

  • Accreditation is the act of granting credit or recognition (especially with respect to an institution that maintains suitable standards). Any of the 1000 plus clients serviced by Bodhih will instantly recall the Bodhih brand and its certification. Also the 1000 plus clients that Bodhih has consulted with will recognize the Bodhih name and certification.
  • It is likely that if you are reading this, you are one among those who found us on the internet through one of the search engines. As a result of our extremely high search engine ranking, the Bodhih name has created quite a buzz in the world of corporate training and many professionals from the training, coaching, HR and management areas recognise the Bodhih name and our certification.
  • Bodhih has not only helped some of the biggest corporates set up and grow their internal training teams and departments but has also been the training partner for the most highly ranked business school in the country. This is purely based on the high quality of training provided by Bodhih.
  • Bodhih’s Train The Trainer Certification workshop is beyond just about receiving a certificate. It is a certification process and and hence a process of building a person’s training competence. While the certificate provided is not just a certificate of participation but a validation of demonstration of training related competence by the participant.
  • Most importantly, one of the outcomes of Bodhih’s research on training related certifications is that the physical certificate should be an indicator of competence and in most cases it is the trainer’s competence that speaks louder than the certificate. This kind of training competence is exactly what participants are able to build and demonstrate through Bodhih’s Train The Trainer Certification workshop.