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TTT program was indeed a great learning experience with practical approaches to learning. This is a great kick start for trainers aspiring to start out ventures in this area. It provides a structure the training process and making the course more interactive and meaningful. I would like to thank the trainer Vinesh who showed lots of patience in handling our queries and gave us appropriate examples at the right scenarios. I would indeed recommend this training to all aspiring trainers and inhouse trainers to enhance their skills to become more professional and dynamic trainers. Bodhih keep up the good job.

Suman Anil

You can’t really express the energy there. All I can say is, if you want to learn from the top guns, Bodhih is your destination. Amazing experience, tons of activities and practicalities. I couldn’t have asked for more!

Yash HC Dagli

Thankyou Vinesh ! I m really happy that I could be a part of it. It was an eye opener for new trainers like us. With amazing experience and rich content, I would like to recommend this to all the bidding trainers and also organisation for people’s growth. Mr Vinesh you are the best trainer I have ever had !train the trainer made my journey into training world more clear and smooth.
Thankyou mr Vinesh

Priyanka Chandra Mauli

“Give a man a fish, you feed him for the day. Teach a man how to fish, you feed for the life” is the concept of TTT Training by Mr. Vinesh.
Any individual who completes the TTT certification successfully will be fit to conduct trainings professionally related to his / her domain. I have acquired valuable skills set during my training which I’m going to apply during my future training engagements and enhance myself to be a successful learning & development specialist. Thankyou Mr. Vinesh for all your support.

Rizwan Mohammed

Bodhih 4 days TTT was a great learning experience. I especially thank our trainer Vinesh for his consistency and activity based training. The training consists of everything you look for as a trainer. Thank You Bodhih!

Monalisa Somwanshi

Experience of getting trained under Bodhih was just Marvellous, you can say one of the feather on my hat in the learning journey. Trainer Vinesh was great. Thank you so much for the lovely teachings.

Sarita Dagha

Both the programs are well structured and conducted, touching upon all the essential areas in good detail. It leads well into the final presentation and conducted in a very engaging manner by Vinesh. He surely knows his stuff. The handbook is quite detailed and seems to cover everything a trainer could think about wanting to know as a starter. I’m looking forward to putting everything I learnt in practice ASAP

Capt. Deepak Kotak

The Course format was excellent, good materials and presentations. I can take what I learned and start applying it directly. Mr. Anand Narayan provided great depth on the topics that were covered and was able to discuss off-topic areas as well. All areas of the course and everything were done very professionally.

Jithendra Reddy

The TTT certification programme was the best experience with respect to learning as well as building skills for a trainer who is starting off. The 4 days intensive programme helps in picking up necessary skills to become an effective trainer. Mr. Vinesh Sukumaran with his unique style and experience leaves a long lasting impact on each participant to find their path in the field of training. This is the best one could find. Thanks Bodhih for this opportunity.

Bhavya Sadasivan

I am very happy and impressed with the training programme. The experience was awesome and the programme is of international standards. Having done the foundation course with Bodhih… I am confident of delivering my trainings at work in a much professional manner.

Thank you Team Bodhih.

Zahra Suhair

The entire 4 days proved to be very fruitful, enriching us to pick the right skills to be put into practice.
A must for all aspiring and practising trainers.
Thank you Mr. Sukumaran and thank you Bodhih for the wonderful experience.

Kirti Singh

Bodhih 6 days TTT (Both Level 1 & Level 2) was a great experience for me. Learnt lot of Techniques, Aspects of Training.
Specially Freelance Trainer like me who is just into Training i got to learn a lot and actually Understood What a Trainer is and how a Trainer is supposed to be.

Rajendra Om

The Foundation Training gave a good insight, on the nuances of conducting an effective training program. When I checked the handbook and compared it to the classroom delivery, the practical aspects shaped out very well. The exercises further ensured that the take home was enriching. Our Trainer Ms. Pooja C Nair was well prepared for imparting a good session of learning. Thanks!

Priya Gajamer - Training Consultant & Certified Corporate Trainer

Wonderful experience and great learning with a strong method of learning by doing with Group Activities, Discussion, Making and Delivering Presentations. It was an amazing experience meeting new people. Great Training.

Jasbir Jasbir

I would recommend aspiring Trainers to attend Foundation Course, and people having already work experience in the field of training can choose TTT programme.

Madhu Sudhan Polina