Walk The Talk

Don’t just give a speech; deliver an impactful training program by developing actual skills and abilities.

Experience Reality

Be aware of the ground realities of training and use practical tools and techniques that ensure learning.

Become Versatile

Develop choice as a trainer. Don’t get stuck to just one set of ideas, concepts or delivery styles.

Get Mentored

Becoming a trainer is easier than you think if you know the right approach, get the right inputs and guidance.


Understand The Fundamentals Of Learning

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Be A Real Trainer

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Gain Hands On Training Experience

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It’s All About The Basics

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Use Training As An Instrument For Greater Effectiveness

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Ensure Learning With Choice

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A Sense Of Style

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Don't Just Give A Speech

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Bust All Your Myths

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Start With A Bang

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Day 1 Session 1


Introduction of the Company
Introduction of Participants
Context Setting and Program Flow

Day 1 Session 2

Overview of learning and development Interventions

Understanding fundamental development interventions
Sample situations, reactions and discussions

Day 1 Session 3

Training competency overview

What is the training profession all about
Dimensions of training management
Understanding the aspects of the training competence
Importance of high proficiency level in training
Understanding the different dimensions of training delivery

Day 1 Session 4

Training for effective learning

Application areas of training for individuals
Application areas of training for organizations
Examples of different training approaches
Significance of training models

Day 2 Session 1

The real fundamentals of delivering an experience

Know your material
Know the audience
Visualize yourself giving your speech
Realize that people want you to succeed
Concentrate on the message and not the medium
Gain experience

Day 2 Session 2

Competency development

Competency development and its aim
Methods of competency development
Ensuring training impact
Follow up and implementation

Day 2 Session 3

Training foundations review

Overview of training program
Revisiting sections and recast
Challenges and solutions
External support and sign off

Day 2 Session 4


Way forward


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None of the information provided on our website or shared by any of the Bodhih team members must be misconstrued as a promise for a job offer by Bodhih. Our trainer certification is not a placement opportunity, it is a certification program. Attending any level of the trainer certification, the Training Foundations Course, the Train The Trainer Certification or the Master Trainer Certification is not an assurance from Bodhih to get the participant any kind of permanent or temporary employment opportunity. However, Bodhih has worked with over 1000 clients and in our experience, our trainer certification is valid and recognized across industries and countries. Most of our certified trainers have been able to successfully launch themselves into a career in training and development without our help especially since our focus is on competency development and not on merely giving a certificate.